Are you as productive as Chris?

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Meet Chris:

Chris graduated from University on May 1st, 2013 and decided to turn down corporate offers to start an experiment

“For exactly one year, (…) I will devour everything I can get my hands on about productivity, and then write every day about what I’m learning.” – Chris

Great mission! Chris took the time to sit down with me and to tell us a bit more about his project:

3 Reasons why I love

1) Walking the talk

When Chris wants to prove a point, he goes all the way. To write about TED Talks, he decided to watch 70 hours of Talks. Another time, he meditated for 35 hours within a week. Few people actually do what they say. Running “full scale” experiments helps building Chris’ expertise, and it shows through his articles.

2) Actionable take aways

OK, Chris does crazy things that you might not have time to replicate. That’s why he blogs about it through short articles designed to dive deeper into each topic and make them actionable, such as The 7 characteristics of highly effective people who give TED talks.

3) Going the extra mile

Yes, he runs a blog about productivity, yet he knows that accomplishing more won’t make you happier. Productivity is one of many aspects of life, and needs to be balanced. I completely agree with him on this one too:

If you expect to become happier because you make more money, lose weight, get a promotion, or get more work done, research has shown that you’re looking for happiness in the wrong place.”

One more thing

Chris is running an ongoing experiment, if you like what you see don’t forget to pitch in a few bucks and help him sustain it!


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