Improve Your Public Speaking: Dr. Nick Morgan Interview

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I’ve always been fascinated by Public Speaking, mainly because I use to be very bad at it.  For the last ten years, I made it my duty to practice as often as I could.

My previous companies were kind enough to provide me with training, face-to-face time with clients and presentations, I could practice many times a week.

So in December 2012, I decided to start a Google+ Community about Public Speaking. Almost one year later, I’m proud to say it’s still The largest G+ community on the topic. People swap stories, videos and ask for advices (join us!)

In May 2013, I reached out to Dr. Nick Morgan. Over the last 25 years, Nick has kept busy: He worked for Princeton & Harvard, wrote two books (third one coming up!) and was a speech critic for President Obama. He now consults for Fortune 50 CEO and focuses on his writing.

Nick was kind enough to accommodate a Q&A session, we planned for 25 minutes and ended chatting for almost 40 minutes. Nick also blogged about our interview on Forbes, gathering 1,500+ consultations to date (Oct 2013), thanks Nick!

Here is the full interview:



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