The Adventurists: “Making the World Less Boring.”

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So, they want to “make the World less boring”, what a great mission statement!

In 2013, I had the chance to start the year by relocating in South Africa for 4 months, so that I could study and get certified as a Professional RYA Offshore Yachtmaster.

It has been a brilliant experience, I found myself in incredible situations with inspiring people, through ups and downs. Living an entirely different life for months have changed many things for me, and is an experience I will never forget.

Few months ago, I wrote about Vayable, providing experience based-traveling, and Charity – water, a NGO 2.0 that do FaaS: Fundraising as a Service.

Well, The Adventurists do a bit of both.  They offer crazy adventures, such as rickshaw runs and “world’s toughest horse race across the Mongolian Steppe”.

One of their most famous trip is the Mongol Rally: “Borrow” your grandma’s car, and drive it from the UK to Ulan Bator. No set route, no plan, no backup.

It’s dangerous + it’s stupid = it’s awesome

Each team need to raise £1000 before entering any adventure: “Since 2004 teams on the Mongol Rally have raised over £2 million for charity”. Most cars are handed over to local charities once they’ve arrived.

Why I love “The Adventurists”:

All-in-one approach
When you are both lazy and adventurous, you need a package that will help you decrease the uncertainty of the trip. Paperwork and hassles are (mostly) taken care of by the organizers that have no trouble scaling: everyone starts at once, no ones get there at the same time! Hundreds of partipants makes you feel better about doing something that crazy

Generation-Y is overconnected, they share everything. Look how connected this lunatic experience makes you: You’ll need to raise hard earned pictures of the queen from your network, you’ll get a fancy tracking system that your Mom will love, and a team website that keeps you in touch with the real world! That’s a lot of Facebook bragging coming your way…

Here’s how they sum it up: “Simply put, by taking part in the mighty Mongol Rally you will have tales of adventure that you will be telling your grandchildren about in decades to come.”
And you want that. Booking two-week holiday in Thaïland? fair enough. Crossing a third of the planet in a crappy car? Yes please!

I’m confident experience-based traveling will keep growing. If you think The Adventurists are too extreme, take a look at Vayable or even Everest. New generations need to set themselves apart (Adventures) in a socially rewarding context (fundraising) that they can communicate on (Social Media).



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